Edenwar was born in January 2014, inspired by the best sounds of the Symphonic Metal and Epic bands in the last decade. The founders, Nicolas Dobernack and Anna Fiori set their first steps in the fascinating world that lays between Metal and Epic music, mixing innovating sounds with complex atmospheric soundscapes.

In May 2015, after a year and a half of hard work, Edenwar releases their first studio project, with 8 songs that shows the great potential of the band. This album counts on the collaboration of great musicians that empowers the album quality with excellent results.

At the moment, Edenwar is focused on promoting the new Album, leading the band to new horizons while taking the nexts steps to perform live.



Vocalist / Vocal composition

Anna was born in Mexico, where she developed her career as a professional singer and teacher. Among all her professional accomplishments, we can highlight her last soloist album release Magna Mater. She loves her job as singing teacher, and enjoys reading and taking care of her beautiful plants.


Music composition / Guitarist

Nicolas is a spanish engineer who resides in Switzerland. Passionate about music production and composition, he has been involved in the world of the music for more than 15 years. He loves to travel and meet new cultures, the horror movies and fantasy books. He is also always looking for new challenges.

Collaborators and guests

Edenwar is a strong bet in the metal music world, with highly experienced collaborators worldwide. The following musicians have been involved in the latest Edenwar album.


Angra, Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot


Delain, Vengeance


Orphaned Land


Orphaned Land








The Distant Fourth

Origins and History

Edenwar was born in January 2014 as a musical project, when Anna Fiori and Nicolás Dobernack decided to work together in a new Symphonic Metal idea that was being composed by Nicolás.

Nicolás and Anna had been working together for many years in different projects, but they always had separate musical careers.

This new idea, together with Anna’s voice, ended up being the first song of the Edenwar Album. The 8 minute song entitled “Agony of Mankind” was initially designed as a single and self-conclusive collaboration. However, the song was very well accepted by the producers before making it public.

Given the positive comments and critics from selected people in the music industry, the proposition of creating a band finally came, and it was well received. This new project, more complex and professional would be named later as Edenwar.

Once the project was finished, the songs were mixed and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima (producer of important bands like Devin Towsend Project, To-Mera, Arjen Lucassen, Pain of Salvation or Megadeth).

In May 2015, after eighteen months of work, Edenwar finishes the composition and recording of their first album, self-titled, with the collaboration of important international artists in the metal music world.

Meaning of Edenwar

Edenwar is a metaphor itself, a paradox that finds its deepest meaning through looking inside every human being.

On one hand, the Eden is presented as a symbol of purity, a place where everything is a reflection of a paradise full of innocence and fragility. A timeless place where everything is perfect and yet, so delicate that any threat could destroy it with no mercy.

On the other hand, the symbol of war is presented as a place where all hope is lost, evil arises in the hearts of men, and the only thing that prevails is the survival instinct.

Edenwar is nothing but a metaphor of a mind that struggles every day to keep and protect this paradise of innocence and fragility that makes us more human, people capable of loving. Edenwar is the banner we raise in our hearts when we do not give up to the destruction and the lack of hope, fighting for this small garden where everyone returns to their childhood.

Losing the war means becoming a stone, incapable of feeling anything, not being able to love. That’s why the battle cry for Edenwar is: #PrepareForWar.