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The Edenwar’s debut Album is finally here!

For starters, why don’t you take a look at this video where we show our special guests as well as some excerpts of our music?

After one year and a half of hard work, Edenwar proudly presents their first album.

The writing process of the album began in January 2014, and at the end of the year the band had five songs written already.

The sound composition of the album varies from several styles comprehended into the Symphonic Metal style, but heavier, more musically challenging, pushing borders and frontiers with new orchestration influences, big choirs, atmospheric ambient, alowing the mind to make a great journey into a fantasy world.

Although the music of this album is pure Epicness, we believe the lyrics of each song must be connected somehow with our fans. That’s why our songs speak about the battles each one of us can be fighting on a daily basis. We believe the people will feel that connection, and that will make the songs even more special to them.

One of the most valuables thing about the album is the variety of atmospheres it creates, from fast riffs to distorted synthesizers. From heavy orchestration to new-age ambients. All of these mixed with Anna Fiori’s amazing range of voice, and the collaboration of several musicians on lead guitars, growls, and vocalists.

Tracklist and information

The First track of Edenwar, Out Of Me, is more symphonic-oriented and presents an euphoric atmosphere, while it speaks about the slavery a lot of people are suffering inside them, when their hopes and dreams are destroyed by other people.The song has an epic introduction in crescendo, that was made to catch the attention of the listeners. Out Of Me has several collaborations, with Mario Infantes (JOTNAR) as the male vocalist and J. Gabriel Navalón as the solo guitarist.
Beyond Eternity starts with the light sound of a music box and the whispers from a Kid. The contrast with the next part, more epic and symphonic makes an unexpected and yet, exciting start. This song has a more power-oriented rhythms. If you listen carefully, you will be able to hear the big war that is represented in the Edenwar cover illustration, when thousands of warriors fight against a big monster.
Lost Dreams is a fantastic song that goes back and forth between the fantasy and the most cruel reality. Less symphonic and more ambient-oriented, with more guitar-based at the chorus, this song experiments different techniques and instruments performances. The song speaks about the innocence lost and the childhood. As the crown jewel of the song, Timo Somers (Delain) performs one of the best guitar solos of the album.
Depths of Insanity experiments the use of different approaches to the Metal style, when the song transports us to a fantasy land far away from anything known, in the middle of the desert. Anna Fiori and Fabio Lione (Angra, Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine) join their voices together in a deep and epic atmosphere, while Chen Balbus and Idan Amsalem (Orphaned Land) touch our emotions with their guitar and bouzouki.
This song, symphonic oriented, is a little peaceful rest along the way through the album. With only 2 minutes of length, it pretends to be the middle point in an album full of emotions. Like an Oasis in the middle of a desert, Seventh King invites us to breath in and get ready to hold our breath again when the next song starts.
Save my life, although it starts with a brief symphonic part, is in fact the power ballad of the album. The song contains the classic metal elements, mixed with new experimental sounds and effects, which makes it very powerful and stunning. In this song, Anna addresses, in a perfect way, the fears of love and being loved by someone. Save My Life has the collaboration of Christian Vidal (Therion) as the solo guitarist.
The Agony Of Mankind was the first song composed by Edenwar. Despite its length (more than 7 minutes), the song will make hold your breath every second, due to the amount of rhythms, changes, different harmonies and the unexpected outcome. Two people have collaborated in this song. Harrison Bade (The Distant Fourth) as the male singer, and J. Gabriel Navalón as the solo guitarist.
There is not a better way to say goodbye than A New Silence. This symphonic ambient song is the love letter that Edenwar delivers to all their EdenWarriors. A song that will inspire victory over evil and will encourage the listener to keep pursuing their dreams.